Will The Color Keychain Fade?

- Dec 25, 2018-

Under normal use, our color keys will not fade or paint, but the edges will wear out after a long time; the wear of the products can not be completely avoided, after all, the keys are made of metal, the metal will wear, but wear It mainly occurs at the edge of the key, and the middle pattern can be kept for one to two years unless it is intentionally scraped with a hard object. The first generation of material is made of high-quality brass, which is the same as a normal key, so it is not easy to break.

The color key is partially made of brass, and the rest is made of high-strength zinc alloy. It is not easy to break. It has a three-dimensional effect. The colored part is recessed, it is hard to wear off, and there are many The model's key cartoon surface is protected by Epoxy, and the key slot is electroplated, basically there is no color loss problem.