What Is A Makeup Mirror

- Sep 26, 2019-

A kind of mirror classification, basically point to modelling delicate, the small mirror that is easy to carry. Also refers to the desktop mirror that makeup USES additionally, also call dresser mirror. Make up mirror and the main difference of the mirror depends on, make up mirror contains one side the magnification face of different scale. So facilitate the person that make up to see what shine on part is subtle place. A mirror is a smooth surface with the ability to reflect light. The most common mirror is the plane mirror, often used by people to tidy up appearance. Surface polished metal devices with regular reflective properties and gold-plated glass or metal products with reflective film. Mirrors are divided into two categories: plane mirrors and curved mirrors. Curved mirror has concave mirror, convex mirror. Mainly used for clothing mirror, furniture accessories and solar oven, car lights and searchlight mirror, mirror telescope, rearview mirror and so on.