The Meaning Of The Fridge Magnet

- Nov 22, 2018-

The Fridge Magnet is mainly used to decorate the refrigerator, and has a sticky note function for making notes, recording food changes and purchasing requirements in the refrigerator. You can also record the things you need to tell your family on paper and then stick them on the refrigerator. Family members can easily notice.

Now the cute Fridge Magnet can also be used to decorate the refrigerator or bookshelf.

◇ As a home decoration, it can be decorated on the refrigerator, or it can be displayed on any desk, wine cabinet, bar, etc.

The built-in magnet of the refrigerator paste does not affect the overall appearance of the shape, and can be vertically and horizontally slid on the household items that can be adsorbed by any magnet.

◇ shop display, photography background, movie props, stereo menu, hobby collection...

There are important things that make it easy for you to post a reminder in the refrigerator, leave some warm quotations for your family, and be very romantic and romantic.