The Manufacture Of Mirrors

- Sep 29, 2018-

There are two methods of electroless silver plating and vacuum evaporation in the surface processing of glass-formed reflective imaging surface, the most commonly used electroless silver plating method. This method is to dissolve silver nitrate in water, add ammonia and sodium hydroxide solution and dilute into silver hydroxide ammonium salt, made of silver-plated liquid. To convert sugar or formaldehyde, potassium tartrate sodium solution as a reduction solution. Glass by cutting, grinding edge (also by grinding and polishing if necessary), the surface is washed, with tin chloride dilute solution sensitization, and then washed, and then with silver-plated liquid and reducing liquid mixed immediately impregnated surface, after the mirror formed after washing, then copper and coated protective paint. Vacuum evaporation method is to wash the glass, placed in the 0.1~10-4pa vacuum of the evaporation device, the spiral wire power, the resulting high temperature to the spiral aluminum alloy sublimation into a gaseous, deposited on the glass surface to form a mirror. Alternatively, electronic guns can be used instead of tungsten filament heating.

The vacuum evaporation process also allows the smooth metal surface to be machined into a mirror.