The Historical Connotation Of Cosmetic Mirror

- Sep 29, 2018-

The ancient mirror is the meaning of the Big basin, and its name is called prison. "said the text" said: "The supervision of the water in the moon, because see it can be done, so used for the mirror." "At the beginning of the three generations, the prison was made of tiles, so the ancient word of the prison was not a gold side." To the early Shang Dynasty, the beginning of the casting of copper, and later the word also has a golden radicals. Shang and Zhou Dynasties, although there is a copper, but tile Kam still pass. To the Qin Dynasty, only began to cast bronze mirrors, because the application of the mirror is better than the many aspects, so after the Qin, do not use water as a mirror. After Qin and Han dynasties, the use of mirrors more extensive, mirror production is more sophisticated. Its materials include gold, silver, copper, iron and so on, with the most copper, also have gold-plated silver, back bread, gold or silver, or inlaid filigree. Since the Sui and Tang dynasties, there are also with the handle, the quartet, all kinds of patterns have everything. Until the end of the Ming Dynasty, Glass was the mirror of the beginning. After the Qing Dynasty Qianlong, the glass began to daxing in the folk.

Until the early Republic of China, a small number of remote areas with copper as a mirror. Nana, also known as Ugly Girl. 5,000 years ago, the Yellow Emperor in order to stop the tribe "Rob marriage" incident, specifically selected the moral virtuous, temperament gentle, ugly ugly woman (seal number Nana mother) as his wife. The Yellow Emperor also said: "Heavy beauty does not re-virtuous, non-true beauty also, heavy moral light color, is the true Yin." "5,000 years ago, the Yellow Emperor battles against Hunzhou, down Shen Nong, to quell the war, unified the three tribes, the end of the barbaric era, human into a civilized society has only just begun." Making dressed, making carts, dressing also become an essential thing in everyone's daily life. At that time, the ancestors in order to tidy up their own unkempt, often face a basin of water, or stand in the Calm river, waterside, tidy up. Therefore, the ancient books on the book, the "Mirror" son, called "in view of water."

So, what does this have to do with Nana's mother? Legend has it that human use of the first mirror is Nana mother Discovery production. At that time, the Yellow Emperor Palace people often stand in the water to reflect their face, dress up. Nana mother think oneself long ugly, easily don't go to the water to dress themselves, every holiday also not casually publicity. All day only know the Yellow Emperor side to do. On one occasion, Tong Fish called Nana mother and she went up the hill to dig slate, Nana mother without further ado, along with Tong Fish go up the hill. Nana mother strength, digging slate faster than other women. Less than half a day to dig more than 20 pieces. At this time, the sun is at noon, the sun shines on the earth. Nana mother suddenly found a stone heap in a bright shiny stone piece, the sun is very dazzling. Nana mother bent gently from the ground to dig out, take in the hands of a look, can't help but startled. This is what the monster, his ugly face all on this piece of stone. Even her own strange! She secretly hid this piece of stone in her body, back to the Yellow Emperor Palace no one said this matter. She rode around no one, and took out the stone pieces, found the plane of the stone flat uneven. Zhao Ying on top of the face absurd. Nana mother to make stone knife, stone axe factory, find a grinding stone, put the stone on the top of repeated friction, not a little time, the surface of the stone flat. She used a picture much clearer than it was just now. It's just that my face is still so ugly. She had been grinding for a while, and taking it again, she was still ugly. Nana mother said to himself sigh: "It seems ugly can not rock pieces (mirror)." Since then, Nana mother no longer go to the river, the water to dress up. Wake up every morning, follow the stone pieces, clean up and dress up yourself, and then quietly hid. A long time, Nana mother also careless. Once Nana mother helped the fish in the slate burning meat, because of fire too big, slate was burned, fly a gravel slag, broke the Nana mother's face, blood flow. Nana mother hurried back, take out the stone tablets, according to his face on the drug. Behold, the Yellow Emperor did not know when to come back, walked softly walked to Nana mother behind, found Nana mother hand holding what things according to their own, a face on the drug. Yellow Emperor toward Nana mother behind, head close to Nana Mother's shoulder, just want to watch carefully, unexpectedly, nana mother exclaimed! She found that the Yellow Emperor face appeared on the stone film. Turned to look, just know the Yellow Emperor stood behind her. Yellow Emperor asked Nana mother: "You hold something in your hand." "Honest Nana mother, a listen to the Yellow Emperor questioned, know this matter can not deceive the yellow Emperor, pop tong kneeling in front of the Yellow Emperor." Nana mother found this piece can according to People's Stone, from beginning to finish to the Yellow Emperor to tell once again, begged the Yellow Emperor to forgive her. Yellow Emperor Listen to, laugh, hands mixed up Nana mother said: "This is you a big discovery, you not only right, also made a great merit!" Yellow Emperor said, immediately called to ancestor, Fang Lei, Tong Fish, the Nana mother this piece can shabbiness face of the stone to take out, call her three wife room to see. Ancestor smiled and said: "The Yellow Emperor, no wonder for a long time to see Nana mother to the water to dress, originally she has this according to people treasures." "Tong Fish" immediately after said: "Yellow Emperor, this discovery, should give Nana mother sister to remember a gong!"

Yellow Emperor excitedly said: "Of course to remember a work!" Human use of mirrors in the history of the Chinese nation, since then began.