How To Ritual Business Etiquette

- Jan 07, 2019-

It is human nature to pay rituals and courtesy. But to grasp the size and grasp the opportunity, you must not be affected by gifts and gifts. Gift gifts are an important part of interpersonal communication. A successful giving act can justify the donor's friendship, respect or other special emotions to the recipient, and thus make the recipient feel a deep impression. And how to return a gift is equally very knowledgeable. She embodies your cultivation, friendship and respect. In returning gifts, you should choose a proper form of returning gifts.

a. Give away the same kind of items sent. For example, if you send me a keychain, I can send you a sticker.

b. You can choose to return the gift with the price of the gift.

c. It can be replaced by a way of expressing respect to the other party. It is not necessary to return a gift. Generally, the other party is very willing to accept it. For example, after receiving the ceremony, thank the other person verbally or in writing; or use the other party's gift when you meet.