Feng Shui In The Shape Of A Mirror

- Oct 10, 2019-

The shape of the mirror of the bathroom has a lot of geomantic exquisite in household life. There are many shapes of mirrors in feng shui. For example: rectangle, circle, oval, square mirror and so on. The shape of the bathroom mirror feng shui has a big impact on life.

In decorating geomantic learn, think commonly, the shape of bathroom mirror is representing different implied meaning, having different symbol. It is generally believed that round and oval mirrors represent a round, happy circle. Most people are willing to choose this kind of mirror, hoping that the family can be happy together, represents a good vision. Contrary to it is quadrate mirror, most owner won't choose quadrate mirror on the choice of bathroom mirror commonly, because quadrate mirror is opposite circular mirror for have edges and corners more, decorate geomantic learn to think quadrate mirror can bring on certain level brake gas. But also have owner to be able to choose square mirror, but can mount a picture frame outside square mirror, mean will break gas is trapped inside photograph frame, in order to contain break gas to avoid collision family member, bring unnecessary disaster to family member. Also pay attention to the size of the mirror. General choice can be illuminated upper body is standard. The future that such mirror size is representing an individual is brighter, hopeful.