Dressing Mirror Purchasing Skills

- Oct 10, 2019-

Dresser mirror is often placed in the bedroom in the home, use to assist make up, shave, comb hair to wait for finishing the tool of appearance, it is the indispensable furniture of a lot of families, it is one of tool that female daily make up indispensable more. So how to choose a dressing glass? What does dressing glass choose and buy skill have? What's the price of the dressing glass? Follow below small make up a look.

1, dresser is general by dresser lens, dresser mesa, dresser tastes ark, dresser chair and corresponding lamps and lanterns composition. Dresser mirror is general very big, and often show fold face design, can make so the person that dress and make up sees him face clearly each Angle. The illume lamps and lanterns of dresser special, had better install in mirror two side, such light can be illuminated equably the face of the person. If install lamps and lanterns in mirror upper part, can leave shadow in eye frame, affect make up effect.

Dressing mirror purchasing skills dressing mirror price

The scale of dresser can be generally divided into two categories.

The first kind: the person that dress and make up can put the leg below mesa, the advantage is the person is close from lens face, face is clear, facilitate make up, still can put dresser stool under the stage at ordinary times, do not occupy a space. This kind of dresser height is 70 centimeters -74 centimeters, mesa is 35 centimeters -55 centimeters.

The 2nd kind of dresser USES lens of large area lens, make those who dress and make up can appear mostly in lens, can add indoor wide chang feeling. This kind of dresser is tall 45 centimeters -60 centimeters, the width is 40 centimeters -50 centimeters. Dresser chair can make a variety of forms such as circle, square, rectangle, height can decide according to dresser scale, be in commonly 35 centimeters -45 centimeters between.