Badge Knowledge

- Nov 22, 2018-

The traditional badges are very single. Without a good technical support, they can't be improved in many details. Now with the help of technology, the badge production has improved a lot of levels. Better meet our actual needs.

The three-dimensional badge is a very attractive type of badge, which can highlight the characteristics of the product and get a lot of customer choices. The maturity of the three-dimensional badge production technology also brings a better guarantee to the vast number of consumers. Let everyone choose this design with confidence, and finally the quality products are naturally the key factors that enable customers to enjoy better guarantees.

The badges are mostly made of metal and cloth. They are “marks of identity and occupation worn on the body”, which can be traced back to the totem mark of the primitive social clan tribe.

With the continuous development of popular culture, the badge has gradually become a trend into the public's vision. Although the badge is exquisite and small, it can cover all things, even representing an era or a trend.

In life, the most common ones are commemorative badges and cloth badges. Cloth badges are often used on clothing and shoes as well as bags. In addition to fun and fun, there is also a beautiful scenery on the street!

The commemorative badges occupy almost half of the badges, mostly to commemorate a certain event, event, or sports meeting, and of course, the memorial badge of the tourist attraction. These badges are like photos, and the beautiful scenery records at that time are fixed. After returning, they will be meticulously memorized!